Monday, September 5, 2011

Conversation with one of the crazy kids I work with upon exiting Medieval Times, where there is no light.

Kid: Oh my gosh! It's light out!
Me: Yup.
Kid: So, it's like, it's the next day! It's tomorrow! We were in there all night!
Me: No, we just had dinner and saw a show...
Kid: ...And then we were in there all night! Oh my gosh! We just stayed up all night!
Me: No... we... nevermind.
Kid: Oh my gosh! So now it's tomorrow! It's like we had a sleepover there! Did I sleep? I think I slept.
Me: No, you were awake the whole time...
Kid: I must have slept sometime. Or maybe I didn't. Are we in trouble? We aren't allowed to stay up all night!
Me: No, you're not in trouble.
Kid: Well then so it's morning now! Do we get breakfast?
Me: We literally JUST ate.
Kid: Yeah, but that was dinner. Now it's breakfast time! We just ate dessert! You can't have dessert for breakfast...
Me: Well I guess I'm letting you have dessert for breakfast then. Lucky you.
Kid: But I'm hungry! Breakfast is important!
Me: Seriously? You just ate HALF A CHICKEN.
Kid: I think I'm hungry again though. Because it's morning. Oh my gosh. I can't believe we stayed up all night. This is so great.
Me: Yep. Super great.
Kid: So why is the moon out?
Me: That's just one of the mysteries of life.
Kid: This is the best day.

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